About Apogee

Who are we?

A team of 35 freelance artists collaborated together to do a little portfolio project refresh and APOGEE is what resulted. The visual assets were made over a 3 day photo and video shoot, everyone working pro-bono in the name of the project. The team is made up of a Photographer, Videographers, Creative Directors, Art Directors, Designers, Assistants, Hair Stylists, Makeup Artists, Wardrobe Stylists, Nail Art Artists, Models, Post Production Artist, and a Web Developer.

We did our shoot, designed our magazine and then hosted a Kickstarter to raise $7,250 to get our magazine printed 1,500 times. We celebrated with a website & magazine launch party and now it is time to distribute. Our sponsors believed in the dreamers and doers, and we believe that opportunities often come to you when you can give people a true visual of your capabilities, and that dear friends, is APOGEE.


Creative Direction
move boldly, act completely. there is no value in timid innovation.

Mavis Media
Creative Video Production Services
Independent. Experimental. Real

- Mavis Davis
Monica Hoover
I love working alone, but I love collaborating more.

- Monica Hoover
Arsin Operations
Web Development
Smart. Web. Design.

- Vinny Marvaso
Drone Services
Vertically Integrated Drone Solutions (VIDS)
No Ties Model Management
Model Management
Modeling allows me to embrace my mood swings and let my hidden personality shine through.

- Cari Flowers, Model


Image Post Production
Creative Writers
Video Production

The Magazine


Download our magazine, choose your favorite cover.

Version 1 - Brooke and Emma


Version 2 - Valerija


Version 3 - Greta